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 Masjid Fresno Islamic Center

Masjid Fresno Islamic Center was first established in 1979, and, through donations from Muslims all over the world, the existing building was completed in 1989. This two-story complex offers an open, comforting environment to the community.

Masjid Fresno Islamic Center is running a very successful Outreach (Daawa) Program. Many people have reverted to Islam at Masjid Fresno Islamic Center and thousands of people call in and visit to learn more information about Islam every day through an established hotline and website. The Outreach (Daawa) Program has placed ads on more than eight Fresno city buses to inform our society about Islam.

Arabic and Islamic studies classes are held by the Imam of Masjid Fresno Islamic Center, Dr. Sheikh Ramadan, Ph.D., weekly, in addition to Qur’an classes and many other programs.

Masjid Fresno Islamic Center is one of three Mosques, in the city of Fresno; Sierra community Center (Masjid Badr), and finally Masjid Al Aqabah make up the other two Masajid that help strengthen and expand the Islamic community, which is full of friendly people that set great Islamic examples for all generations.

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